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The dexterity of the Abruzzo artisans has very ancient roots. Craftsmanship, an expression of popular sentiment, has always been present in the economic and social history of the Abruzzo region. In the past, in fact, daily life was punctuated, in its moments, by craft activities.

Today many localities are everywhere famous for the presence of the craftsmen: Castelli owes its fame to ceramics, Chiarino to coppersmiths, Castiglione Messer Raimondo to woodworking, Guardiagrele to wrought iron, Basciano to tin, Scanno to goldsmithing and lace.

The history of the trades is, among other things, written in the findings of helmets, shields and cuirasses in the stars of Guardiagrele, of the female outfits of Loreto Aprutino or of the furnishings of Campovalano.

Abruzzo is a region that smells of sea and mountains and this duality is also found in the kitchen.

The region has a rich mountain but also maritime culinary tradition. The typical dishes of Abruzzo cuisine are almost simple but rich in taste and it is precisely the simplicity and genuineness of the Abruzzo recipes that attract tourists from all over the world.

It is possible to taste the local delicacies in the many festivals organized throughout the year in the Abruzzo area.

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The Restaurant and Relais La Corte dei Tini is a suggestive Resort located in one of the most beautiful historic residences in Abruzzo, in the heart of the province of Teramo, among the green hills of the Aprutino area, a few km from the blue Adriatic Sea and the highest peaks high in the Apennines.
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