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  • The Abruzzo is known to be the “green Region of Europe”: it is protected indeed for a third of its territory. Bears, chamois, rock walls and woods, sweet hill landscapes and wonderful sandy beaches, make our Region the perfect place for Your holidays. Among the Gran Sasso, Majella and Velino mountains and the gold coast, the nature of the Abruzzo gives life to a diverse and striking landscape, that it is possible to admire all year long.

    Thanks to its National Parks, Reserves and Oasis, the nature of the Abruzzo is nowadays safeguarded and can be easily visited.

    All this does not mean to renounce to the services of a modern tourist location perfectly equipped with Hotels, Residence, flats, campings and much more. Lots of kilometers of beaches, cliffs and fine sand for surprising and relaxing holidays.

    The coast in Abruzzo is an important and appreciated tourist attraction, for its quietness and landscape, the clear waters, the sweet pinewoods and the good air.

    At night the streets become more lively, pubs and clubs are open till dawn for the pleasure of the youth and not only. Who is looking for a sporty holiday can practice sail, windsurf, canoe and fishing.

  • Romanic churches and castels, ancient necropolis and museums, hermitages and fortified villages. Among the mountains and the sea, a rich choose of masterpieces and monuments is waiting for the tourist who is travelling in the Abruzzo.

    Monuments and famous churches such as Collemaggio, the ancient streets in Scanno, the National Archeological Museum in Chieti and Rocca Calascio, dozens and dozens of less known wonders, in every corner of the Region, always move the traveler.

    In Abruzzo has been born the poet D'Annunzio, writers and philosophers such as Silone and Croce, the painters Michetti, Palizzi and Cascella and many others artists.

    Other very interesting cities to be visited and easy to be reached in the surroundings are, over all, Teramo, rich in historical monuments and Churches; Propezzano's abbey, in Morro D'Oro; Castelli, the homeland of pottery; Civitella del Tronto, that hosts the ancient Fortress; Campli, famous for its Holy Stair; Pescara, with its famous Museum of the People of the Abruzzo and the house of D'Annunzio; Atri with its important Cathedral, absolutely to be visited.

  • Abruzzo is also known for its handicraft: our artisans are usual to work metals such as iron and copper; they are appreciated as jewelers (famous is the “Presentosa”, a feminine gold jewel wore while special celebrations); they are able to work pottery (Castelli is the place where You can buy fine ceramics), wood, stone (above all in the area of the Majella mountain), glass, wovens and embroideries.

  • In Abruzzo artisan skills are ancient. Centuries and centuries of secrets, of big and little intuitions, of passions that have been transmitted by father to son.

    Wrought-iron and copper, noble metals worked in filigree, prestigious woods, pottery and wovens, leathers goods are wisely worked in workshops where time seems to have stood still and where tradition is mixed with the new generation enthusiasm.

    The main characters of the cooking in Abruzzo are the simple and natural ingredients coming from the earth and from the Adriatic, the olive oil, excellent wines, home made pasta, saffron, cheeses, cured meats and dairy products, delicious meat, delicious and typical sweets that can be bought in the workshops of every village.

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